Jham Session VRC+ Concentrate


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We heard from some of you that love Jham Session VRC+ and want MORE! How about an entire GALLON of Jham Session VRC+?!?

In order to keep shipping costs low we had to concentrate. You supply one gallon of distilled water (so that it’s pure and free from additives like minerals or chlorine), available at most grocery stores for about $1. We supply the Jham Session VRC+ Concentrate.

Simply pour 8 oz. of the distilled water into the provided 8oz. spray bottle. Then pour the 8 oz. bottle of Jham Session VRC+ Concentrate into the jug of distilled water. Shake to mix, and you’re ready to rock and roll with an entire gallon of Jham Session VRC+! Fill the 8 oz. spray bottles with your batch of VRC+ and you’re ready to clean!

This larger size is perfect for use in ultrasonic or “spin” style record cleaners. As always, Jham Session VRC+ will safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, grime, oils, chemicals and solvents without harming your vinyl.

The + means it also cleans CD/DVD/Blu-ray and video game discs; smartphones; tablets; eyeglasses; computer and flat screen TV screens; glass; mirrors; plastic and more!

Jham Session VRC+ is non-flammable, biodegradable as well as phosphate, perfume, and dye-free.



  • 8oz spray bottle for Distilled Water (use as an optional rinse for extra clean media)
  • 8 oz Jham Session VRC+C
  • 1 Jham Session VRC+ label to place on the one gallon Distilled Water jug


Note: Be sure to use Distilled Water in order to insure the purity of Jham Session VRC+, as well as to pour both 8 oz. bottles of concentrate into the Distilled Water for proper cleaning.