1oz VRC+ TEC Bundle


1 oz size of Jham Session VRC+, perfect for cleaning your tablets, eyeglasses, computers and more!

Includes a microfiber handling cloth to insure a streak-free clean


(Note: Cloth colors may vary)

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The Jham Session VRC+ TEC Bundle is sized just right cleaning tablets, eyeglasses, computers, and more!

Includes 1 oz. of our amazing Jham Session VRC+ and a microfiber handling cloth.

Jham Session vinyl record cleaner+ (VRC+) was developed specifically for the needs of today’s vinyl enthusiast. Formulated for manual as well as ultrasonic cleaning of vinyl records, rinse optional Jham Session VRC+ will safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, grime, oils, chemicals and solvents without harming your vinyl.

The “+” means it also cleans CD/DVD/Blu-ray and video game discs; smartphones; tablets; eyeglasses; computer and flat screen TV screens; glass; mirrors; plastic and more!

Jham Session VRC+ is non-flammable, biodegradable as well as phosphate, perfume, and dye-free.

(Note: Cloth colors may vary)

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