Live Jham Session! Episode 15 – Hammerjacks: The Rockumentary

Live Jham Session Episode 15

We’re pretty active on social media, but it’s time to shout a few things out on our website! We’re excited to have just aired our FIRST EVER interview show. To say that Baltimore’s legendary Hammerjacks nightclub was near and dear to our hearts would be an understatement.

Live Jham Session! Episode 15 (can you believe we’ve made it this far?!) starts with our take on the club, then we jump into an interview with the key players behind the soon-to-be-released film Hammerjacks: The Rockumentary. We talk with the Director and Executive Producers about how the film started, memories of the club, the complexities involved in creating a soundtrack, and the release.

To top things off, we were honored to premier Jeff Griffith from Rex Hunter’s new song “Meet Me At Hammers.” It’s a great tune, especially for those that frequented the club.

The audio replay is posted to our Mixcloud for you to enjoy! Check our Facebook page for Events and links to our Live Jham Session! shows, Wednesdays at 7pm ET.

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