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Jham Of The Week!

Here at Jham Session we love music, and we love to share. That’s why we created our free Jham Session Radio internet radio station. With a library of more than 3500 songs, Jham Session Radio’s got a lot to share. We’re rediscovering old favorites and adding brand new music all the time. Some songs get… Continue reading Jham Of The Week!


Easier Listening

Now that we’re confident this Jham Session Radio thing is going to be sticking around, we’ve created a logo specifically for it AND made the station even easier to find (and remember)! Just hit and click play. Smartphone / tablet users can listen via the Live365 app available in the Play Store or App… Continue reading Easier Listening

Music · Vinyl Record Cleaner+

Cleaning Vinyl with Jham Session vinyl record cleaner+ (VRC+)

In our first Jham Session instructional video, we’ll cover cleaning your vinyl with Jham Session VRC+ to get better sound quality from it for years to come. We’ll cover: General vinyl handling tips Preparing your work area Gathering your cleaning supplies, including Jham Session VRC+ Walk you through the cleaning process Provide storage tips for… Continue reading Cleaning Vinyl with Jham Session vinyl record cleaner+ (VRC+)